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  I have found myself often defending Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's Performance while in office as the President of Nigeria for eight years (1999-2007). I have done so on three grounds. The first is that I like to base my criticism or commendation for any political office holder, or I dare say any individual based on objective criteria. I am never one to join the crowd to shout "crucify him, crucify him" for someone I shouted "Hosanna, Hosanna" for yesterday. Many People are swayed by mass media to denounce a man they praised yesterday based on hearsay. Many swing with public opinion and so would like to be on the side of the gallery to lampoon a man who has done them no evil, just because some people with loud voices or access to the media brand such a man as evil. Some do not even as much as ask what evil the man did, not to talk of the evidence before joining in the condemnation band wagon. They want to be 'politically' correct and would not like to offen


I have been thoroughly benumbed by the furore and the hullabaloo being raised by a couple of Nigerians and 'interested' Foreigners following INEC's postponement of the Elections by Six weeks. I am yet to fully understand how this really hurts anybody too badly and how it creates undeserved advantage for one party and deserved disadvantage for another Party. Yes some inconvenience with rescheduling of activities and perhaps additional funding to keep the campaigns running for another six weeks by the contestants and their Parties. But that pales in the face of the huge benefits that will accrue to the Nation by the postponement or rescheduling .I must say upfront that I congratulate INEC for taking this decision. If it is true as is being alleged that President Goodluck Jonathan or His Government persuaded or pressurized INEC to take this most reasonable decision in the prevailing circumstances then I will like to congratulate him for showing exceptional pragmatic leadershi


  In a couple of days, we shall be required to make choices concerning Nigerian Political leadership at the Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, National and State Representative levels. It is going to be a major exercise that will affect the destiny of our Country, States and legislative constituences. For me it is a sacred duty that must not be treated with levity. Right now, there is a lot of misinformation in the air and too much emotion being let loose. Let me reiterate that choosing our Political leaders at all levels of governance must be based on verifiable and measurable criteria not on sentiments.  That we have had poor political leadership for most of our post-independence years across all strata of governance is evident and it is clear that if we have the right leadership with the appropriate competences, our lot will continue to improve. Whereas good manifestos are important in helping guide our choices, the more critical matter is the leadership competences or skil
LET'S BE FAIR, JONATHAN HAS DONE WELL ON  THE ECONOMY    There can never be a perfect Leader. Most leaders do well in certain respects and fail in other respects. Also we may never all agree even on one area the leader has done well or has not done well. It all depends on the criteria for assessment. As example, For some people, a political leader has not done well except he has given them an appointment, a contract or put money in their individual pockets. He can kill himself, but as far as they have received no personal benefit he is no good. For some others, a political leader can only do well if he is from their ethnic enclave or he is from their Political Party. Therefore, he can commit 'harakiri', they will ignore and still commend him because of their narrow and myopic prism of assessment. Of course such assessment can be very biased and injurious. Nevertheless it is their own criterion for assessment.  And yet for the enlightened others, they use specific and objec