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I was in the United States of Nigeria recently and I felt that I needed to go to the clinic. My sister inlaw booked an appointment. When I arrived, I was warmly  received by a receptionist who gave me a form to fill. He was neatly dressed and after collecting my data, ushered me into a room. Soon afterwards a lady walked into the room to take my vital signs- blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature. This   healthcare professional who I got to know was a nurse was decently dressed in a white over coat. But at first he could have passed as a medical doctor. He asked me a few questions and got me ready to see the physician. A few minutes after, the medical doctor also walked in wearing a white overall. He took his time to examine me, asking questions . At some point, he asked me to undress for a thorough physical examination.  Then he left. Thereafter some one I suspected must be a health technologist walked in with an ECG machine and  strapped some wires on my chest. When he fini


Many Nigerians will remember the story of the threat which the Oba of Lagos was said to have issued to Ndigbo who lived in Lagos during the 2015 political season. Those who decide what happens in Lagos State were in great panic. They looked into their crystal balls and found that a majority of Ndigbo in Lagos had planned to vote for Jimmy Agbaje of PDP as governor of Lagos. All the political principalities in APC in Lagos went berserk. What to do? Oba of Lagos was recruited. He summoned some of the so called Eze Ndigbo in Lagos and issued the infamous threat. They must vote for Ambode of APC or they better be prepared to be thrown into the Lagos Lagoon. It was a desperate situation that demanded desperate action.     Ambode went on to win the election. I do not know if the threat succeeded in frightening the Igbo Lagosians into voting for Ambode in order to stay alive or if it did not. But that threat actually awakened the Igbo, both in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria. When lat


There are ominous signs in the air. Seeds of instability are being sown and we seem to be watching helplessly. I held my breadth as I watched concluded election transit to inconclusive and the concluded return to inconclusive. On Saturday 22nd September 2018, Osun people went to vote for who would take over from Comrade Rauf Aregbosola as their governor. Rauf who became "popular" for owing arrears of workers' salaries was completing his very tumultuous tenure. It was a hotly contested election with an unprecedented number of parties-about 38 fielding candidates for the elections.                                                                                                                             Everybody expected the competition to be fierce and so it was. The elections closed and were counted at the different pooling booths. Then collation started at ward levels and was concluded. Then it moved on to the Local Government Collation Centres and was conclud