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  In present day Nigeria, life has become brutish and short. No day passes without the terrorist group- Boko Haram murdering innocent Nigerians in market places, worship centres and even in educational institutions. That is after they have been firstly, technically degraded and then flushed out of the Sambisa Forest with the recovery of shekau's Koran! There is a daily decimation of the People of the North East Nigeria, especially the people of Borno State. Though, Government understates the casualty figures for obvious reasons, other sources indicate frightening casualty figures including military, Civilian JTF and just plain and ordinary citizens of a country that is proving apparently incapable of protecting the lives of its citizens.   Elsewhere in the Country, armed robbers and kidnappers are running a mock. They have taken over many highways, especially at the damaged portions, which are too many on almost all the roads in the Country-Federal and State. While we are mak