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The Federal Government surprised most Nigerians last week, with the sudden deregulation of the down stream petroleum sector. After preaching, cajoling, persuading and even begging President Muhammadu Buhari to deregulate the downstream since the day he came to office, many of us- diehard proponents of deregulation were beginning to give up hope. I almost gave up hope after the global oil price came below 30 dollars per barrel, extinguishing all forms of subsidy and nothing happened. That was a perfect time to deregulate and yet government stubbornly stuck to its position. Instead it took the ill-advised cosmetic step to reduce the price of PMS from 87 to 86.50 Naira per liter.                                                                                                                  The only reason, I did not give up hope completely was my understanding of the potent power    of economic realities to punish misguided stubbornness and unrealistic policy options. With the projected


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SAM OHUABUNWA'S PARADIGM : FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT?...Probably an Understatemen... : Last week the British Prime Minister, David Cameron,described Nigeria as one of the most fantastically corrupt Nations in the World, sharing...

FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT?...Probably an Understatement.

Last week the British Prime Minister, David Cameron,described Nigeria as one of the most fantastically corrupt Nations in the World, sharing honours with Afganistan, and some Nigerians, including the President's spokesman, Garba Shehu went up in arms. And I am wondering why? Are we quarreling with being called one of the most corrupt Nations in the World or is it the 'fantastic' that we are unhappy about? Indeed, if you ask me, David Cameron was being very 'kind' to us and I have not seen any one as 'kind 'to us when it comes to stereotyping Nigeria with corruption. 'Fantastic' is ordinarily a very positive word or adjective which confers exceptional ability or exceptional performance to any noun to which it is attached. I ask, is it not more distinguishing to be called a fantastically corrupt Nigeria than just a corrupt country? We must be exceptional in something. One of my late uncles, Mazi SOK used to respond to greetings as follows" Minu


 In 1998, thirty four distinguished  Nigerians (politicians, Businessmen and retired soldiers) gathered to lay the foundation for the party that latter emerged to be called the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP). This group known as G-34 metamorphosed from an original G-18 which was formed to oppose General Sanni Abacha's move to succeed himself, pushing for a return to true civilian democratic rule. Among these men were Alex Ekwueme, Bola Ige, Jerry Gana, Adamu Ciroma, Abubakar Rimi, Solomon Lar, Sule Lamido and Elder Awoniyi and others, some of whom are late now. They were soon to be joined by men from other political groups, such as Atiku Abubakar who came from the Peoples Democratic Movement( PDM). Subsequently they were joined by a number of retired Military Generals including Ibrahim Babangida who succeeded in attracting General Olusegun Obasanjo to join them, whom they eventually elected as their presidential Candidate for the 1999 elections.   The PDP enjoyed a lot of suppor


  All those who love this Nation and who want its continued unity, peace and progress have continued to harp on one theme: Let us restructure this Federation and make it stable. There are too many fault lines in the Federation which the military left for us. Of course the unilateral amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates in 1914 to create one Nigeria by Lord Lugard and his British colonial overlords left some fault lines. But by and large, the first generation Nigerian political leaders did their utmost to manage these fault lines, which allowed the Nation and its constituent parts to make very significant progress. For example, the effort by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe and his likes to forge a truly united Country where" though tribes & tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand", was hampered by the political expediency of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his likes who played the divisive card, causing massive carpet crossing from the NCNC to the AG on the floor