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Nigeria has experienced a couple of incomplete military coup d'├ętats. An incomplete coup is one in which the intended objectives are not fully accomplished in one fell swoop. In Nigerian history, we have seen all types of coups-attempted, aborted, failed, phantom, incomplete and complete. They are all different, though they all share a common foundation.     Nigeria's first incomplete coup was the one led  by the majors- notably Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Adewale Ademoyega and their co revolutionaries on the 15th of January 1966. Their critical objective was to overthrow Balewa's government, release Awolowo from prison and enthrone him as the Prime Minister. Due to the poor performance of some of the  team members and the resistance of some officers like Lt-Col Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu in Kano and the counter moves of General Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi in Lagos, the coup became incomplete. Balewa was overthrown but Awolowo was not installed as Prime Min


  Last week, Nigeria's killing fields expanded North Westwards. Indeed the entire North seems to have been partitioned by three non state actors into three fiefdoms. On the North East, we have the Boko Haram insurgents bombing and snuffing out lives and occasionally making territorial forays into the Borno, Yobe and Adamawa areas. In the North Central, including parts of Southern Kaduna and Taraba, the Militant Herdsmen hold sway killing the innocent, destroying farms and property and in the Northwest a band of marauders are freely raining terror. For a while, it seemed they were only interested in Zamfara State. But last week, they expanded their theatre of influence to parts of Kebbi & Sokoto States and when they were finished on this first assault, 32 citizens of Nigeria were dead, compounding the increasing statistics of the violently dead in these times.   Naturally the President was distraught with this new development and was actually short of words. He was


In Nigeria there are many prophets, mostly false prophets. But the effervescent dynamics of Nigerian political environment often gives them the opportunity to brag. I asked one of such 'prophets'a few weeks ago, who would win the World Cup and he told me it was going to be either Germany, Spain or Portugal. When these three teams got eliminated early in the tournament, I called this 'prophet' friend of mine to ask 'how come?'and he told me that the Octopus on which he depended disappointed him. But this my friend called me last week and sounded triumphant and announced to me that his prophesy about APC splitting into factions has been fulfilled and requested me to withdraw my earlier classification of him as a false prophet. I ended the discussion by telling him that if predicting that APC would split into two or even self-destruct was an act of prophesy,then, most Nigerian political watchers and analysts like me would also claim to be prophets as well.


After my articles titled " Fulani Herdsmen Militancy: International help now indicated " in January this year and "Serious challenges confronting PMB's 3-pointagenda" in February I was not planning to comment any longer on the despicable daily killing of Nigerians in the middle belt of Nigeria and elsewhere. Since it looked Like the Government felt it was doing well in running a country where life has become brutish and short and the citizens seem to have resigned to their fate, I felt it was a waste of my time commenting on the matter. Last October when 20 people were killed in Plateau, the President issued a statement which stated "that this madness has gone too far". From all indications the madness just seems to be forming and may just be getting started on its journey! But try as hard as I could, the humanity in me would not allow, the mind of Christ constrains me.    Last week news broke of how a contingent of  Fulani militia carried out a-se


Pharm. (Mazi) Sam I. Ohuabunwa OFR, MON, FPSN, FNAPharm, FPCPharm, NPOM  It is my pleasure to send this goodwill message to members of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) on the occasion of your 37 th A nnual National C onference holding in Benin-City, Edo State. It is my prayer that The Lord will bring you all safely to Benin, grant you a successful conference and lead you back safely to your respective stations. I am also praying that the scheduled elections will be rancor free and that the Association will elect the best candidates for the various offices. Talking about elections, I will like to use this opportunity to confirm that I have accepted the call to offer my self for service as the President of our great Society, PSN come November 2018. Our society is at the precincts of a great rebound, given the wonderful work of our past leaders, especially the current one and my mission is to cause a radical transformation to the practice of the Ph