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   When most Nigerians think about the South East, they think of a people who are mostly traders. Most Nigerian narrative describe the Igbo as traders or at best as business men. They may be right. But that is really not the whole story. The Igbo are more than traders.   Those who are old enough and who are familiar with Nigerian history before the Nigeria- Biafra war and whose minds have not been biased by the trending characterization of the Igbo as itinerant traders in Nigeria, will admit that among the Igbo were the earliest political and Nation Builders who fought and brought Independence to Nigeria. The Story of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe is fairly well known. Perhaps not as much are the contributions of Dr Akanu Ibiam,Dr. Michael Okpara,Dennis Osadebay, Louis Mbanefo, Mazi Mbonu Ojike, Alvan Ikoku, Kingsley Ozurumba Mbadiwe, Abyssinia Nwafor Orizu, Jaja Nwachukwu, Aja Wachuku and Mbazulike Amaechi( the boy is good).Great Nationalists who were ably succeeded by some of the finest p


  Last week I raised some issues on the Biafra struggle and opined that the Igbo have demonstrated that they loved this country and wanted its unity more than any other ethnic group in Nigeria. I further opined that indeed it looked to me that deep down,Nigeria did not really want the Igbo, but was merely tolerating them.And I concluded with offering my suggestion that if the Acting President and indeed this Government wanted true unity, the shortest cut was to try and look at all the reports submitted by PRONACO, the 2005 National Political reform conference and the 2014 National conference. In them, we can find good ideas on  how to make this arrangement workable and mutually beneficial.   The next day, a motley group of sponsored youth groups, generally classified as Arewa youths, spoke from Arewa House in Kaduna. I have found time to read their press releases(1st and 2nd) and I have also followed comments made by other Arewa leaders especially Prof Ango Abdullahi and the ubiqu

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