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Your Excellency, I must begin by joining most Nigerians to congratulate you on your success at the March 28 Presidential elections. You truly deserve to be congratulated. Perhaps except for the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo , the Nation has not found any politician who has labored so much to be given a chance to govern Nigeria. I know that Chief Awolowo tried about three times or possibly four times( if we add the alleged treasonable felony). But despite his spirited efforts, he could not make it. Some Nigerians insist he is the best President Nigeria never had. Well... But in your own case you succeeded at the 4th attempt. You have indeed set a record. What is more is that you are the first Military man to subject himself to this democratic exercise this long. It was difficult to imagine that a Soldier would have the patience.Chief Olusegun Obasanjo tried once and got it on a platter of gold, tried a second term and got it on a gritty platter of Iron. His plan for a third attempt or term


Most Nigerians agree that we need change in many aspects of our national life and national institutions. But in my mind, if there is one place, we needed urgent and revolutionary change, it is in the Nigeria Police( Force or Service). This is because Nigeria Police is fully symptomatic of what is troubling Nigeria and therefore, if we get the Police right, many other matters will fall into place. For example, our perennial low position on the Transparency International global  Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is influenced strongly by the pathetic picture of our Policemen extorting money from drivers in the full glare of the public. It must however be pointed out that this is an embedded culture of the Nigeria Police,which has long characterized the force, almost from creation. We often blame the colonial masters for many of our national maladies. Was this a carry over from the British Police? I have my doubts.   This matter has troubled me for many years and I had taken a few action


Since General Muhammadu Buhari was elected President on the 28th of March, he has used every opportunity he could find to try and dampen the expectations of Nigerians from him and from the incoming government. When I heard it the first time, I said well.... But having heard him say it a few more times, I am getting worried. He has personally been carrying out this campaign and has been very direct about it. Indeed he has been trying to recruit other leaders of the All Progressives Party( APC) to join him in this de-marketing effort. And it is troubling me that he is not being cautious about this as he tells us to our faces that he wants to dampen our expectations. I believe he could be more subtle about it.   Yes expectations are high. Who is to blame for this? Ordinary Nigerians?. Certainly not. The President-elect and his party ran a high-pitched campaign, that dwelt on change and the evolution of a new Nation. They made many promises that excited Nigerians and motivated them to go


  I am insistent on my assertion that the 2015 Elections have changed Nigeria. And I am excited about it as I look forward daily to the manifestations of this change starting with the uncharacteristic post election peace ushered in by President Goodluck Jonathan. Since 1999 when President Olusegun Obasanjo ushered in the 4th Republic, it has been difficult to seperate the ruling Party from the Presidency. The President is regarded as the Leader of the Party, and carries on as the alpha & omega. He is the one who chooses the party chairman and he decides when he ( the party chairman) should go, sometimes after a sumptuous lunch of Pounded yam and egusi soup in the Chairman's house . He is the one who chooses who will run for any elective post at the primaries. When he says anything, nobody else can oppose him and if any dares to oppose, he will be expelled for anti-party activities. The President was the Party and the Party was the President.   With President Obasanjo's pr